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Schematics Are Now Vastly Configurable


B2 Spice had an already intuitive interface, but we have added new features and streamlined others to help make B2 Spice V5 schematics the easiest and most powerful yet.

You can now easily organize and control any open file or window in B2 Spice. A new graph or circuit can be inserted with just a few simple clicks. Open and close windows, access and control simulations, and browse simulations results all from within the Workspace.

Browse the large Parts Database using our new Parts Chooser window. Use the tree/branch style navigation to quickly find a part. Parts are organized by their category, manufacturer, or first letter. Highlight a part to get a preview. Simply double click the part to place it, or simply drag it over to the schematic.

Some of the schematic options now include:

Grid spacing, resolution and visibility.
Wire colours.
Node/pin colours.
Visible titlebox and page borders.
Scalable symbol sizes, ANSI and DIN symbol styles.
Part text display control.
Font control.
90 degree or any angle wiring.
and much more...

Auto-save is now available along with a user specifiable period for auto-save. And with the new unlimited levels of undo and redo, schematic editing is virtually foolproof.


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